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Soil Based Organisms - The "Missing link" of the 21st Century diet?

Its common knowledge that we share our bodies with friendly bacteria that perform a host of beneficial functions to ward off disease. Well California based Scientists at Nature's Biotics Co are rediscovering that as recent as the late 19th Century our soil and food chain was teeming with medicinal super bugs called Soil Based Organisms (SBO's) which prevented many of today's chronic diseases like Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Crohns disease, Colitis, Candidiasis and Malabsorption.1

When things go wrong: 21st Century war on gut health

In every healthy person the gut terrain is policed by about three and a half pounds of beneficial symbiotic bacteria known as the gut flora which act to produce essential vitamins, hormones and antibiotics to protect against infection, help the digestive system break down carbohydrates, fats and proteins, digest rotting waste and most importantly compete with undesirable micro-organisms like yeasts, fungi, bacteria and parasites to keep their numbers under control.

These beneficial bugs are normally continuously re-established by the ingestion of soured milk products like cultured yoghurt, whey and cottage cheese. But with the advent of the 21st century western diet, lifestyle, sanitation and even drug based medicine these essential bugs now live a precarious existence. A western diet high in chlorinated tap water, refined sugar and alcohol and low in natural soured milk products for instance is poisonous to the gut flora causing them to die off in large numbers. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs too can seriously derail gut ecology and worse still antibiotics because they impair the immune system and are non-specific against both good and bad micro-organisms can render the entire gut sterile! 2

The health consequences can be devastating and can mean that ordinarily outnumbered pathogenic disease-causing bugs can proliferate causing such havoc in gut health that medical experts are now being forced to admit that an injured flora may be the common weakness that allows many chronic diseases like IBS, Crohn's Colitis, Candidiasis and Malabsorption to gain a foothold.3

Supplementing with traditional probiotics is not always the answer either. In most cases regardless of how many billion organisms one ingests probiotics like Acidophilus or Bifidobacteria will not survive their passage through the hostile acid environment of the stomach, will struggle to implant in the intestinal wall because of the prevailing alkaline conditions created by the Western diet and ultimately are powerless to fight pathogen overgrowth unless they have successfully colonized in a significant majority. Add to that their poor shelf life owing to heat sensitivity and up to 80% loss of potency over 3 months and you are left with a rather impotent weapon against stubborn pests like Candida Albicans.

Fungicidal medicines, digestive enzymes, and vitamins too as many are discovering can prove to be an expensive, time consuming gamble failing to hit the "bull's eye" unless the dietary deficiency of Soil Based Organisms is addressed…

Soil Based Organisms: What the West left behind

SBO's are beneficial bacteria that live in soil and until the end of the 19th century when food processing replaced hand-to-mouth ingestion of raw fruit and vegetables; they formed a regular part of our diet. However, by the turn of the last century their presence in the food chain had seriously dwindled. Both modern agricultural methods with their over-reliance on powerful pesticides, fungicides and germicidal chemicals and heat-based food processing are toxic to SBO's and this has created a serious vacuum of these medicinal bugs in the food chain2

The action of SBO's in the human body is manifold including producing antibiotics and vitamins, ensuring complete digestion, stimulating gut wall immunity and most importantly here devouring the same pathogenic yeasts, moulds, fungi and bacteria that become overgrown in dysbiosis like the debilitating Candida albicans. Unlike traditional probiotics they are extremely robust having a stable potency and shelf life of over 5 years and can survive in the most hostile biological terrain where once implanted they will displace and then devour any opportunistic pathogens. The key advantage of SBO's is that unlike conventional probiotics they are not dependent on a healthy gut environment to function. They are extremely hardy and will colonize under the most undesirable conditions and begin to feed on intestinal waste and pathogens in exchange for secreting nutrients that a starved gut wall needs to recover.

SBO's also lead an amazing double life possessing an antiviral action to rival some of the strongest drugs on the market like InterferonTM used to treat Hepatitis, HIV and autoimmune disease like arthritis, osteoporosis and Multiple sclerosis. What is understood so far is that these clever organisms actually enter into a unique partnership with the human immune system which biologists term symbiosis. Put simply once they drop anchor on the gut wall, SBO's secrete specialized antigen proteins which entice the human immune system to multiply its normal output of killer T-cells and antibodies and this renders the body "on standby" for anything especially invading pathogens like yeasts, bacteria, parasites and even viruses like Hepatitis and HIV.

Until recently in human history SBO's had always played a regulatory role in our diet to buffer against insults to the natural intestinal flora and to help it recover when thrown off kilter. According to experts like Anne Louise Gittelman M.S., C.N.S. their absence in the food chain today probably accounts for the epidemic rise in bowel and digestive disorders like Candidiasis, Gastritis, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Crohns, Colitis and even colon cancer aggravated by refined sugar in the diet, chlorination and antibiotic medicine. Indeed IBS affects 14 - 17 % of the population and up to one half of the primary care office visits in this country are related to it. Crohn's Colitis too is one of the West's fastest growing illnesses4 with Candidiasis and Leaky Gut Syndrome causing misery for millions of casualties of the 21st century lifestyle. For the first time then scientists are being forced to admit that we have lost touch with what has made food medicinal for thousands of years.

Natures most powerful Digestive Medicine

Scientific Studies conducted on SBO's by Dr Peter Rothschild M.D. PhD at the State Academy of Medicine, Mexico are suggesting that by starving the body of these beneficial bugs we might have inadvertently tossed aside nature's most powerful gift in digestive medicine.

His work has shown that without SBO's to police digestion our bowels often end up as toxic waste dumps for rotting faecal matter which builds layer upon layer until the intestinal wall cannot absorb anything useful and we start to drown on our own toxins. Indeed autopsies reveal that most of us Brits are carrying around between 20 and 50lbs of undigested food in our colons which according to experts leads to chronic low-level Intestinal Toxaemia or "self poisoning" and the beginning of conditions like .IBS, Crohn's disease and Ulcerative colitis.6 Fortunately there is an answer in SBO's and once colonized they will work industriously to "de-scale" the colon and intestines of clinging putrefaction that hampers nutrient absorption and cell surface immunity improving small intestinal absorption up to 60%.! 1 SBO's will literally feed of a lifetime's putrefaction in exchange for secreting nutrients helpful to the gut wall. Of course this means with SBO's we can we can double the nourishment value of our meals and halve our intake of drugs and supplements!

With an intestinal wall starved of nutrients however it can quickly become porous like Swiss Cheese leading to the much maligned "Leaky Gut Syndrome" where undigested waste food can leak into the blood leading to fierce immune reactions, allergy and even mental illness. But with SBO's to radically enhance digestion by increasing absorption the gut wall can quickly repair itself.

Certainly SBO's also appear to be a magic bullet for yeast infections like Candida and parasites like Giardia lamblia which causes diarrhoea, sugar intolerance, malabsorption syndrome and severe weight loss. According to William C Bryce M.D. PhD's research paper on SBO's "Just as SBO's destroy molds, yeasts, fungi and viruses in the soil of the organic garden, they perform the same with pathological organisms in the gut, greatly augmenting the body's immune system"5 This is welcome news for all those battling with this temperamental pest which can wreck lives by going undetected for years and causing chronic symptoms of profound fatigue, bizarre "dry drunkenness", memory loss, brain fog, constipation, painful bloating and vitamin deficiencies which do not always respond to fungicidal medicines.

Health professionals all over the world are being turned on to the benefits of SBO's. John Moreno PhD of the Advanced Medical Clinic, Lake Charles U.S. uses them as his first line of defence in all patients with digestive tract problems especially those considered by the medical establishment to be incurable like IBS and Crohn's: "I have seen this product work in 80% of my patients....Most recently I had three patients with IBS referred to me who are now all symptom and disease free!" He also reports excellent results from SBO's in Candidiasis, allergies and even chronic fatigue.

Similarly Naturopath Jacob Simon C.N.C. reports astonishing remissions in Crohn's Colitis from just a few months course of SBO's "After standard medicine failed…Jacob started taking SBO's and after 30 days he felt a sudden surge of energy and his digestive problems began to disappear. Within 3 months he had gained his weight back… and now has no trace of the disease that almost cost him his life"

Although placebo controlled, double blind studies on SBO's are yet to be concluded these testimonials form just a fraction of the cases now being replicated by clinical trials at the State Academy of Medicine, Mexico by Dr Peter Rothschild M.D. PhD to investigate the SBO phenomenon.

Directions for Use

The average adult should start with one capsule per day for a week and work up to a maximum of 12 capsules per day taken in divided doses 3 times a day in morning, afternoon and evening which should be held for around 3-6 months. After this a maintenance dosage of 3-6 capsules a day will supply the body with what it should receive from the diet. Users are cautioned that since SBO's will increase intestinal absorption by up to 60% that dosages of drugs and supplements be monitored carefully and reduced if necessary.


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